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About Domain Authority Checker

Bulk Domain Authority  Domain authority Checker tool
Bulk domain authority checker tool allows you find the domain authority in the website for bulk URLs. Domain authority of an website is usually in between 0 to 100. With the help of domain authority, we can easily calculate the value on the website. Domain authority is calculated judging by 40 signals. Like other SEO metrics, Domain authority can be tuff to further improve. If you want to enhance the domain authority with the website then read our article on how to further improve domain authority.

If you wish to compare bulk domains, Then you can check domain authority for bulk domains.

For improving domain authority from the website you must check

  1. Internal linking in the website
  2. Meta tags with the website
  3. Sitemap
  4. Link building 
  5. Social media shares in the web pages.
  6. Content from the website must be unique and relevant. If your website domain authority has enhanced then you will got good amount of traffic.

You also can called this tool Free  Domain authority checker tool.